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PDO Thread Lifting

Polydioxanone thread or better known as PDO thread lift is a non-invasive facelift procedure that involves the use of dissolvable collagen threads to tighten the skin around the areas of your face and neck. Soluble threads are used under the layer of your skin to pull it back and suspend it to give your face a rejuvenated and youthful look.

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Ideal for:

  • Sagging cheeks

  • Loss of volume midface

  • Sagging jawline and jowls

  • Sagging neck

  • Sagging eyebrows

  • Eyebrow drooping or unevenness


  • Apply antibiotic cream at the entry and exit points for 5 days

  • Apply ice to the treated areas immediately afterwards for 5-10 minutes, and regularly for the next 2-3 days

  • Sleep on your back and elevate your head for the first three nights

  • Clean your face gently and don’t rub or massage your skin (5 days)

  • Apply makeup very gently (5 days)

  • No sun exposure or tanning beds (2 weeks)

  • No facials or massages (3 weeks)

  • Avoid strenuous exercise and contact sports (3 weeks)

  • Avoid saunas and heat treatments (3 weeks)

  • No dental surgery (3 weeks)

  • Avoid exaggerated facial movements like chewing, talking, yawning (3 weeks)

Apply face cream

Before & After Results

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